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10 Helpful Travel Tips for Photographers and Videographers


Whenever you travel with your camera gear, there are certain considerations you should make to ensure that you are able to work while you’re gone and that all your gear is protected. This excellent video will give you 10 helpful tips to ensure that your next trip is successful as possible. 

Coming to you from Tyler Stalman, this great video will give you lots of helpful tips for making your next trip successful. In addition to Stalman’s tips, here a few of my own:

  • Bring a portable battery pack: these are great for charging your phone, tablet, or even your camera over USB. Personally, I like to use one with a built-in wall plug so I don’t have to worry about trying to keep track of another cable. This is mine.
  • Try a portable hard drive with a card reader for backup: I’m a huge fan of my WD My Passport Pro. It’s an easy way to back up memory cards on the go without having to worry about being tethered to a computer. 
  • Never check fragile gear: Never, ever check any fragile or expensive gear. Airlines lose and damage luggage all the time, and the last thing you want is to be fighting them for reimbursement for your shattered lens.

Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips. 

Video of Top 10 Tech Travel Tips


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