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13 Street Photography Mistakes


13 Street Photography Mistakes

One of the things that I like about street photography is that you never really know what you’re going to see. You set out with some form of a plan, but that is often interrupted by things you see or things that happen.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve shot a lot of street photography, but when I have, I’ve always enjoyed the time out more than I thought I would. For me, “the decisive moment” really comes into play more with it than with static landscape shots.

Professional street photographer Brian Lloyd Duckett has put together 13 street photography mistakes that you should avoid.  Have you ever listened to a veteran photographer, and after just a minute or two, thought to yourself: “this guy knows what he’s talking aboutt”? Well, Brian Lloyd Duckett is one of those guys.

This video isn’t just a list of don’ts, but an exposition about the art and technique of street photography. With each mistake, he gives wisdom and the type of knowledge that makes you take notes.

Here are the first five mistakes; you’ll have to check out the video for the rest:

1. Letting fear get in the way

2. Not concentrating

3. Expecting too much

4. Walking too fast

5. Avoid the cliches

Video of Street Photography Mistakes


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