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4 Tips to Improve Your Travel Videos


4 Tips to Improve Your Travel Videos

In preparing to shoot a travel video when I travel to Vietnam in October, I came across this great video by travel videographer Brandon Li. In this video, Li gives some great tips on how to plan your video practically.

Here are a few of my favorite points:

Give Your Video Some Motion

Many travel videographers shoot time-lapses to add motion to a static shot. Some use videos shot with a drone to give perspective. However, if you’re in Europe and/or in most metropolitan cities around the world, you’d have laws preventing drones.

Other ways you can add motion to a static shot is by shooting birds in the area and by shooting the people around the landmark. 

Give the Video Story

Stories have a start, a middle, and an end. Shoot a defined beginning and end. It doesn’t have to be when you get on the plane. Make it your own and give it a sense of something about to start.

Arrange Your Clips Together According to Time-of-Day

Put daytime clips in a folder, sunset clips in a folder, and night time clips in a folder. This will make your video flow from day to night, and you can edit to the best flow possible by doing it this way.

I enjoy traveling, and I enjoy watching other people creating great videos and photographs of their experiences while traveling. This video helps me think about it in a practical way. If you’ve made a travel video and have other tips, please share them below!

Video of 4 Practical Tips for Better Travel Videos


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