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5 Pro Photographer Hacks


5 Pro Photographer Hacks

There are many cool little tricks of the trade in photography, This video looks at some extremely useful and perhaps lesser-known photography hacks that pro photographers use.

Professional photography is still a bit of a secretive club. Although there are videos out there showing you insights into the world, a lot of it is still hidden away from the public and those wanting to enter the club. After over a decade of professional photography work, I have made pretty much every mistake. The slowest possible way to erect a backdrop, ruining tether ports, and pretty much every other faux pas. Hopefully, the hacks in this video will help you avoid some of the time and money-costing mistakes that I have made.

In this video, I look at five pro photography hacks that I use every single day. Most of these hacks are there to make life easier, rather than create a visual effect. But with the time that you gain from these, you will certainly have more brain space and physical time to get creative. Hopefully, these tricks will help you free up some time and also save some money.

From never-ending rolls of tape through to modifying light stands, this video goes over some of the most practical hacks for any pro or budding pro photographer. What are your go-to hacks?

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