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5 Reasons to Shoot With Vintage Macro Lenses


5 Reasons to Shoot With Vintage Macro Lenses

Vintage lenses and macro photography? Ok, I’m in.

There are a few areas of photography I love and when they combine, I’m dizzy with glee. Medium format portraits is one, for example. However, two areas I’ve combined a few times with much enjoyment are vintage lenses and macro photography.

Those of you who know me or my writing will be aware that I love macro photography. So much so, in fact, that it managed to infiltrate my business as a photographer which I wasn’t sure would be wholly possible. As Mark Holtze mentions in this video, macro photography transports you into a world with unlimited subjects and angles that many people will have never seen before. The downside, however, is it’s usually quite expensive to buy a modern macro lens. Enter, vintage lenses.

I have a dry storage container filled with vintage lenses and cameras. Most of them are average (albeit beautiful) and difficult to get excited about using. A few of them are so unthinkably awful that they are mere ornaments at this point. But occasionally, you’ll find some that are brilliant and fun to use. One I would include in that list is a vintage macro lens that — as coincidences go — Holtze uses in this video: the Contax Carl Zeiss 60mm Macro f/2.8. You can pick them up for a few hundred dollars and they are superb. This offers and effective way to dip a toe in macro waters without the financial outlay that might be putting you off!

Do you use a vintage macro lens? Which one is it?



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