7 Great Photography Lessons Learned in One Day

7 Great Photography Lessons Learned in One Day

The wonderful thing about photography is that no matter how long you practice it and how much experience you have, there is always something new to learn or different ideas you can try. This great video discusses seven lessons a photographer learned over the span of one day. 

Coming to you from aows, this fantastic video discusses seven lessons learned over the course of a single day with a camera. Of the lessons, I think one of the most important and often overlooked is the importance of revisiting locations. So many factors go into the sort of images we walk away with from a single visit to a location — things like the weather, our mood, the gear we bring, etc., and I think it is almost impossible to get everything one can from a spot in one try. Furthermore, visiting a location again is a great way to see how your abilities and creative ideas have evolved and improved over time. I personally have a few favorite locations, and I always find something new to photograph or a different idea to try no matter how many times I visit them. Check out the video above for six more great tips. 

Video of 7 Photography Lessons in 1 Day

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