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A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your a7S III


A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your a7S III

If you’ve bought yourself the shiny new, video-centric Sony, or you’re just looking at doing so, this video needs to be bookmarked and watched in full.

There was a time — not too long ago either — where you bought a new camera and for all intents and purposes, it didn’t need setting up. You rotated a lens onto the front, slipped a memory card in its slot, and once the battery was charged, away you went. This is still the case in many ways, but not if you have even a passing interest in getting the most out of your camera.

It has been a long wait for Sony’s new a7S III and for most, it was worth the wait. It is a singular camera in many ways and offers a lot that is only recently possible, with sought after specs like UHD 4K in 120p. However, with modern cameras (and in my experience, particularly Sony,) to get your results of the highest grade and your workflow as smooth as possible, you need to spend some time learning the settings, navigating the menus, and customizing functions and buttons. It can become incredibly daunting.

In this comprehensive video, Gerald Undone goes through almost everything you could possibly need to know about shooting with the a7S III, from comparing color modes, examining practical dynamic range, and setting up picture profiles, among many other things. If you’ve bought an a7S III or you’re thinking about doing so, this video will be inexpressibly useful to most.

Video of Sony a7S III Guide for Picture Profiles & Exposure


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