You are currently viewing A Review of the Canon EOS R5 From a Sports Photographer’s Perspective

A Review of the Canon EOS R5 From a Sports Photographer’s Perspective


A Review of the Canon EOS R5 From a Sports Photographer’s Perspective

As more and more photographers move to mirrorless camera systems, it is important to test and get some hands-on experience to see if a specific camera body will meet your average work flow. There are a lot of impressive new mirrorless cameras hitting the market but are they the right upgrade for you?

Sports photography is one of those niches that can be very gear demanding. While you can get away with picking up just about any camera and walking away with good photographs as a portrait or landscape photographer, not all cameras have the tools needed to shoot sports at a professional level. While there is no substitute for first-hand experience, it is great to get reviews from photographers in a variety of fields to better set expectations. 

Local Boston sports photographer Paul Rutherford has been great at sharing behind the scenes photos and videos both on his Instagram account and YouTube channel of what it is like to photograph different professional sports. In Rutherford’s most recent video he discusses his personal experience testing out the new Canon R5 during at an MLS match and fitness portrait session. While a lot of reviews focus on the specs and pixel peeping images from one camera to another, I think it is great to see working photographers share their experiences in the field. Especially if you are a sports photographer looking to possibly make the switch to mirrorless. 

The biggest take away from Rutherford’s review is the down sides to the electronic shutter at 20 fps. While on the surface 20 fps sounds amazing for action photography, in practice the higher image count, buffering speeds, and rolling shutter add a lot of roadblock to his fast-paced workflow. The rolling shutter being the most surprising for me as I hadn’t seen it so badly displayed in other reviews. 

Are you a sports or other fast action type of photographer using or thinking of upgrading to the R5? What are your thoughts?

Rutherford’s sports photography work covers a lot of New England sports teams, and his Instagram feed is filled with plenty of great sports moments. If you are a fan of sports, especially New England teams, he posts pretty regularly during and after every game he photographs. 

Video of Testing Out The Canon R5 For Sports Action and Portrait Photography…Does It BEAT The 1Dx???


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