A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Fantasy Manipulation in Photoshop

A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Fantasy Manipulation in Photoshop

You may or may not be able to shoot as much as you’d like right now, so why not polish your compositing skills in Photoshop. This tutorial shows you how to create a fantasy image from start to finish.

I opened Photoshop and started learning through tutorials the best part of a decade before I bought my first camera. In my school days I used to spend my I.T lessons using an early version of Photoshop to make photo manipulations and “art” instead of learning the course material. I became addicted to just how open image manipulation and compositing was, not to mention how many tutorials were available.

Then, I began creating textures and objects in Cinema4D and using them as the baseline for creations in Photoshop and I was creating some stuff that wasn’t far from unique. Looking back, it was terrible, but it served one excellent purpose: I learned the basics (and even some advanced stuff) of Photoshop which would serve me well in the future.

Now, it’s easier than ever to learn even complex image manipulation. YouTuber PSD Box Official creates many fantasy inspired works using stock imagery and compositing. This video gives you a full walkthrough on how he created this particular scene.

Video of Above Clouds – Easy Fantasy Manipulation

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