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Adding a Vehicle to the Shot in a Different Color


Adding a Vehicle to the Shot in a Different Color

Sometimes, everything doesn’t line up and you have to add an object, or in this case, an entire vehicle to the shot that was never there to begin with. How would you add an object in a completely different color to your scene? 

In this video coming from automotive photographer, Andrew Link, he shares the layer build-up while discussing the process and what each layer is adding to the image for this project. Unfortunately, Link couldn’t find a blue ZR1 to complete the trio shot he was going for. Instead, he decided to combine multiple exposures with the red ZR1 in place of the blue and alter it in post. 

To really sell the shot, you have to pay attention to the details. This is part of the reason why moving the red ZR1 into place was better than simply mirroring the shot. If you are not sure why, Link mentions it in the video. As he goes through all the different layers, you may notice that many of the layers make corrections on small details that you may of not even noticed. 

Have you needed to add an object to your shot in a completely different color before? I know jobs where you are shooting products, you might not always get every color delivered to the shoot, so you have to use some post-processing to show off all the different options. How would you handle this situation? 



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