Adobe Adds Refine Edge Brush & Rotate Canvas Tools To Photoshop for iPad

Adobe Adds Refine Edge Brush & Rotate Canvas Tools To Photoshop for iPad


Adobe Adds Refine Edge Brush & Rotate Canvas Tools To Photoshop for iPad

Adobe has continued its push to bring more and more features to the Mobile Market with today’s update to Photoshop for the iPad which includes the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas tools.

Announced on their blog this morning, Adobe says they paid special attention to getting the refine edge brush to work properly on the touch-based platform. This update makes it much easier to select parts of an image, (in particular, those including finely detailed fabrics, hair, or fur), allowing you more creative freedom when working on mobile. According to the blog, the technology is the same as on the desktop version, but with a UI tweaked to make it more intuitive for the iPad’s touch and pencil based design.

Refine Edge Dog1
Selection Dog

Refine Edge Hair2
Selection Women

Adobe has an entire user guide on how to use the new Refine Edge Brush in Photoshop for iPad to help get you up and running if you aren’t familiar with the feature. Check out the images Adobe provided below;

Woman Tulle

Refine Edge Tulle

Selection Bunnies

Refine Edge Bunnies

Selection Panda

Refine Edge Panda

Selection Unicorn

Refine Edge Unicorn

Selection Peacock

Refine Edge Peacock

Selection Plant2

Selection Plant

Refine Edge Plant

Refine Edge Hair1
Selection Hair

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Ps On iPad Heart

In addition to the Refine Edge Brush, they’ve finally brought another much-requested feature to Photoshop for the iPad with the ability to rotate the canvas! This can be enabled by simply using a two-finger gesture, letting you rotate the canvas you’re working on, giving you much more precise control for your edits.

Rotate Canvas1

Rotate Canvas2

This will work alongside the punch/zoom functionality already existing in Photoshop for the iPad giving the user very fast control over their work. The rotations will also snap at 0,0-,180, and 270 degree increments, with the ability to reset the orientation by just quickly punching out on the canvas.

Just like with the Refine Selection tool, Adobe has created a full user guide for the rotate tool as well.

If you have Photoshop for the iPad, these updates are available for download already today. If you test this out, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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