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Anton/Bauer Announces New Compact Batteries for Video Setups


Anton/Bauer Announces New Compact Batteries for Video Setups

Fifty years old this year and still innovating, Anton/Bauer have announced a new range of smaller and slimmer batteries for compact cine cameras, monitors, follow focus, and on-camera lighting demands.

Anton/Bauer has expanded their range of batteries with the introduction of the Titon SL, Titon Micro, Titon Base, and GO 90.

Titon SL

The new Titon SL batteries come as 95 Wh or 143 Wh options and are available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount. Anton/Bauer said that the 14.4 V Titon SL “provides the slimmest, lightest, and most powerful 10 A solution to run monitors and more.” The Titon SL will be available in September 2020.

Titon Micro

anton bauer titon micro

The new Titon Micro comes in 47 Wh, 94 Wh, or 140 Wh varieties and is available in V-Mount or Gold Mount. It’s the smallest 14.4 V battery from Anton/Bauer and pairs well with compact cine and mirrorless cameras. They deliver continuous 10 A current (8 A for the Titon Micro 45) for hours of battery life. Also available is a dual micro battery mounting plate to double up the power in half the size of a standard battery. The Titon Micro will be available in October 2020.

Titon Base

anton bauer titon base 1

anton bauer titon base 2

A power base fit for compact cine cameras, the Titon Base comes as a slim, lightweight 68 Wh configuration. It features a quick-release plate and built-in 1/4″-20 mounts for securing to the camera and the tripod or camera support. The Titon Base will be amiable in October 2020.

GO 90

anton bauer go 90

For photographers and videographers looking for a simple battery solution, the 14.4 V GO 90 provides 98 Wh in a lightweight, low cost V-Mount or Gold Mount form. GO 90 batteries deliver 8 A current and will be available in late September 2020.

If you’re unsure of what your battery needs may be, Anton/Bauer have also launched a helpful configurator on their website that takes your input of camera model and any other supplemental power consumption, and it will recommend products that fit the requirements.


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