Canon Creator Lab Seminar With Landscape and Adventure Photographer Jamie Out

Canon Creator Lab Seminar With Landscape and Adventure Photographer Jamie Out

Although landscape, travel, and adventure photographers can shoot local, most of us have seen our shooting opportunities curtailed for months now. We yearn for something epic, far from home.

If you’re looking for inspiration and to get back on that horse as fast as possible, tune into Canon Canada’s Creator Lab with Jamie Out on August 8th and 12th. 

The Canon Creator Lab was designed to assist photographers by providing them with tools, instruction, and opportunities to establish and nurture their vision. 

Jamie Out

The Canon Creator Lab often partners with social communities like Socality to achieve their goals. Related, Socality makes it their mission to turn digital connections into real-life relationships. Typically, this takes the form of local community events, meet-ups, or workshops.

Despite the current physical distancing requirements, neither the Canon Creator Lab nor Socality are giving up on their mandates. Over the last few months, Canon and Socality have teamed up to create webinars for food photographers, fashion photographers, and adventure photographers.

Coming up on August 8th and 12th, adventure photographer Jamie Out, in association with The Canon Creator Lab and Socality, is hosting an online workshop for landscape photographers. 

Talking with Out, he explained that the major goal of the series is to help people plan locations, pack light, and find the most interesting compositions. 

Jamie Out.

Getting into the nitty-gritty, Out told me that he will spend time talking about his process for scouting locations, including the resources he uses. He also intends to focus on the logistics of hiking photography equipment to remote locations. And, finally, what it is that he looks for when he frames his compositions. 

Out intends to use the second installment to talk about the editing techniques that have helped to shape his lucrative personal style. If you’re a fan of the look that Out has popularized, this is a chance to get an inside scoop.

Sure, these type of webinars are in part advertising for Canon. But, it’s hard to argue against the value they are sharing by putting Out front and center. For free no less!

All images provided by Jamie Out.

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