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Canon Quietly Rolls out Its New Mobile App and Cloud Service


Canon Quietly Rolls out Its New Mobile App and Cloud Service

Without any fanfare, Canon appears to have launched its new mobile device application and cloud service, canon.image. Like most manufacturers, Canon does not have a great record when it comes to mobile applications. Will this new service be an improvement, and is it about to change the way that camera apps operate?

Canon describes as a free cloud service designed to “ease your imaging workflow,” allowing you to “seamlessly upload all of your videos and movies in their original format and quality.” You can then access them from the app or from a web browser.

Once online, you can download photos and videos to other devices, and connect them to Google Drive or Flicker. As of June this year, you will also be able to connect the service with Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Photos. 

Registration takes a few moments, though you will need the serial number of a Canon camera or SELPHY printer to hand. Everything that you upload will be kept for 30 days, with the option of storing original, high-resolution files for longer, with a capacity of up to 10 GB. 

From ten minutes of playing, it’s evident that this is an entirely new type of service offered by a camera manufacturer. While needing refinement, it does feel that there’s potential for the future, especially as a means of storing and backing up images on the go, and sharing those images afterwards. It’s possible that Canon is yet to make an official announcement as of yet because it’s still under development.

The interface certainly feels fresher and easier to navigate than previous apps, and it strikes me as a promising move, especially when camera manufacturers have been so slow to build a bridge between clunky old-fashioned cameras and the world of cloud storage and social media.

If you give it a try, let us know your experience in the comments below.


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