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Collaborating With Chance: A B&H Street Photography Podcast


Collaborating With Chance: A B&H Street Photography Podcast

Producing an interesting audio-only podcast about a visual-only medium is one task I wouldn’t want to take on. Over the past few years, I’ve downloaded, listened to, and deleted countless photography podcasts that were too dull or boring to justify more than a few minutes of my time. 

That’s not to say that there aren’t any good podcasts out there (Jeff Curto’s “History of Photography,” and Ted Forbes’ “The Art of Photography” come to mind), but the majority are downright awful. One podcast that has really done a great job of choosing interesting topics and guests is the “B&H Photography Podcast.” The first podcast they produced that really got my attention was the superbly well done episode on Ernst Leitz II and his and Leica’s role in helping save Jews and other oppressed people from the Holocaust. It’s a heavy subject, but they do a great job discussing the history and tying it in with photography.

B&H’s newest episode is called “Collaborating With Chance and the Essence of Street Photography.” In it, hosts Allan Weitz and John Harris (my former co-workers for full disclosure) interview Amy Touchette and Gus Powell. Touchette and Powell are both photographers who do most of their work on the streets of New York City. I’ve been a fan of Amy’s work for a couple years now, and she is continually shooting arresting images that are so unmistakably her own. I wasn’t familiar with Gus’s work, but his photos are great as well, although much different from Amy’s.

Harris and Weitz do a great job asking interesting questions, and the photographers give their insight on how they go about shooting on the street without coming off as invasive or sneaky. The episode is full of tips for aspiring street photographers and is one of the few photo podcasts that you won’t want to end. Give this episode and others a listen, and check out Touchette and Powell’s work as well. 

All images used with permission of Amy Touchette.


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