Composing When You’re Taking Photos in The City

Composing When You’re Taking Photos in The City

I take my camera with me on my daily commute. I don’t like seeing a shot and not being able to take it, or having to take it with my phone. I’ve got scenes in the metro, of the city life, and the shapes of the Hausmannian architecture that makes Paris, Paris. This video provides great tips on composing when you’re in the city. 

I am on my own most of the time, so I shoot the subjects I see, on the move and it’s mostly from a distance. To create an interesting point of view and image, I need to compose and lead the eyes to see what I saw in that moment. The basic premise is to use the rule of thirds. But what I found exciting and interesting in the video is the images of abstract shapes, patterns, and how I can use shadows. The sun is a lot more vibrant and summer is almost here, so defined, sharp shadows are easier to find too. 

Using negative space and isolating your subjects in your composition can give context. You can use the buildings, road lines, and sidewalks as leading lines to your subject, or do it with the shapes you can find in the above mentioned interesting shadows. 

It’s a short refresher of a video, just incase you needed to get inspired for the next trip out and about in the city. of 8 tips for framing and composing in the city

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