Could You Shoot Street Photography at 400mm?

Could You Shoot Street Photography at 400mm?


Could You Shoot Street Photography at 400mm?

Most street photographers prefer to use a lens around 24mm or 35mm for their work, rarely opting for telephoto options, let alone ultra-long supertelephotos. But that does not mean you can’t take great photos with a long lens, and this fun video follows a photographer as he shoots street images with a 400mm lens. 

Coming to you from Pierre T. Lambert, this neat video follows him as he shoots street photos using a 400mm lens. Most street photography is taken with lenses around 24mm or 35mm, but as Lambert shows us, you can create fantastic images with other focal lengths as well. One thing I think is important to note is that Lambert does not try to mimic or replace standard looks taken with the normal lenses with the 400mm, especially since this would be particularly difficult given all the activity in a city. Rather, he embraces the qualities and characteristics of the focal length and uses them to create images that leverage its advantages. For example, the telephoto compression allows him to bring elements of the frame closer together, really bringing out the denseness and business of the city. He is able to create some really great photos; check out the video above to see his experience. 

Video of EXTREME 400mm Street Photography in Chicago POV


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