Five Easy Street Photography Photos You Can Take on Your Commute

Five Easy Street Photography Photos You Can Take on Your Commute

Street photography is a genre of positioning and opportunity, meaning you can often end up going to a specific place and waiting a while for the right shot, something that not all of us have the time to do. This neat video shows you five common shots you can find easily, even on your commute.

Coming to you from Alan Ruic, this helpful video will show you five typical street photography shots you can get on your morning commute on the train or simply walking around downtown. I personally think street photography can be a bit tough, as the environments are constantly evolving, which can make it difficult to think through and snap a shot before it evaporates into thin air. At the same time, though, I think that’s why it’s a great thing to practice at least once in a while, as it makes you quicker and better at reading a scene, which can translate to improved images elsewhere, particularly if you work in a genre like wedding photography. They’re five great shots to keep in your back pocket, so keep your camera on your neck the next time you head to work and give them a try!

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Video of 5 essential street photos YOU can take on your commute!

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