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Helpful Forest Photography Composition Tips


Helpful Forest Photography Composition Tips

Forests are an abundant resource around the world, and they offer a wide range of photographic opportunities that evolve throughout the seasons and change with the weather. This excellent video tutorial discusses some great tips and ideas for composing forest images.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this fantastic video tutorial will show you some helpful tips and ideas for composition in forest photography. I was lucky to grow up in the Ohio country, where forests are quite common and easily accessible, and one of my favorite pastimes was hiking through the park, especially after it had rained and the leaves shimmered as they caught the reappearing light. Of course, as I started to become more and more interested in photography, one of the first places I took my camera was the local woods and river, and it continues to be one of my favorite places to visit. It offers a wide range of photographic opportunities, from scenic wide angle shots to close macro views. Check out the video above for lots of great tips and advice.

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Video of Forest Photography Composition Tips and Ideas


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