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Helpful Posing Tips for Better Portraits


Helpful Posing Tips for Better Portraits

Posing is something a lot of photographers struggle with even after mastering other aspects of the craft. If that is something you tend to have trouble with, this great video will give you lots of helpful tips for improving your portrait posing.

Coming to you from Julia Trotti, this excellent video discusses how to improve your portrait posing. I think a lot of photographers tend to struggle with posing because it is not an objective quantity or technique like setting ISO or adjusting aperture for depth of field. However, just like with those aforementioned techniques, with practice, you can become comfortable with posing as well. One thing that helps is to have a library of go-to poses you can rely on. While it is great to be able to read the frame and your subject and pose them organically in real-time, this is a skill that will come after lots of practice, and having some go-to poses you can fall back on if needed can take a lot of the pressure off in the moment and allow you to try different things knowing you have a safety net. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Trotti. 

Video of HOW TO POSE Clients for Portrait Photoshoots


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