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How to Book Boudoir Shoots While Traveling


How to Book Boudoir Shoots While Traveling

Michael Sasser sits down for a education filled interview with Victoria Caroline on how she successfully books  twelve travel shoot in four nights. They discuss also what is important for copy writing on social media to engage with clients. 

Caroline talks about her preferred number of shoots when traveling to maximize not only her time but her makeup artist’s time as well. Booking multiple shoots in one day can be physically taxing, but Caroline feels this cn be the best way to get the most out of your travel sessions. 

Caroline shares her Instagram tips on how to engage with clients. She suggests instead of posting only your work, to ask questions to potential clients such as what are the fears and hangups. She says this is important as it helps her to understand more on what to discuss for future posts. During the interview she shares an interesting tip on one of the most influencing ways to engage with your audience and that is to share personal stories. She feels when she finally started sharing more, it impacted so many more clients knowing they could connect with Caroline. 

Watch this in-depth video for more ways to book your travel boudoir sessions and tips for social media copy writing. 

Video of Photographer Spotlight! – EP6: Instagram, Travel Bookings, Writing Copy w/ Victoria Caroline


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