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How to Make Money as a Travel Photographer


How to Make Money as a Travel Photographer

Is traveling a passion for you? Here are a handful of tips to start making money as a travel photographer.

Photography and travel are two passions that go well together. If you add in the ability to make money doing these two things, then you have a dream lifestyle for many photographers. Mango Street’s latest video is an interview with travel photographer Ryan Longnecker of Ryan Longnecker Photography. In the video, he gives a handful of tips on how to make money while doing what you love.

In the interview, Longnecker starts by offering a few tips from the artistic side of travel photography. This section included a few excellent points about the importance of developing a style that is unique to you. He also mentions the issue of creative ruts and how to deal with them. He then finished the interview with a handful tips on how to start making money by connecting with brands. He made the point more than once that you have to find a way to offer a brand something more than just your photography. His video has a few practical examples of this.

If the travel lifestyle is something that has long been a passion for you, this short video will give you several tips to get started.

Video of How to Make Money as a Travel Photographer


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