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How to Pitch Clients and Get Work


How to Pitch Clients and Get Work

Putting yourself out there and getting new clients to see your value can be daunting. In Brendan van Son‘s latest video, he walks you through his process of pitching his travel photography to clients across the globe.

For better or worse, there is no shortage of good photography out in the world. The prevalence of social media means that brands (particularly those in the travel space) can simply re-post images that fit their vibe rather than seeking out new content creation. So, what value can a photographer provide? Finding that is the key to a successful pitch.

A major differentiating factor for van Son is paying attention to the needs of the client rather than the wants of the photographer. For a travel photographer, that means going off the beaten path and shooting places that don’t receive as much attention. Spending a week in the UK? There are already more than enough photos of Big Ben. For a portrait photographer (the world I work in), it means bucking trends and staying true to your own style rather than letting Instagram trends determine what your style is. Give the client something they need to stand out, not to blend in.

Van Son’s video gives some great tips for setting up meetings, cold calling, and putting together an elevator pitch. He also hits on the success rates of each approach. This helps to set expectations so you don’t get too disillusioned by the inevitable rejections you’ll meet as you start putting yourself out there.

Have any pitch tips of your own? Share them in the comments!

Video of How to Find Work as a Photographer | Travel Photography Business


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