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How to Start Posing Your Photoshoot Clients With Ease


How to Start Posing Your Photoshoot Clients With Ease

Are you starting to book in clients for when the lockdown restrictions are lifted? Why not give your posing technique a quick refresh before photographing people again?

I’m sure it has been a while for most of us since we have photographed someone who is not a part of our household. Lockdown might have taught us a thing or two on finding what to photograph at home, but it certainly has got us missing photographing clients outdoors and in a studio. If you feel like you may be slightly rusty when it comes to shooting a client and engaging with them to create natural looking poses and expressions, this video might just be the right amount of inspiration and knowledge to give you confidence next time you are able to work with a client. 

As photographers, we know that creating “good photographs” extends beyond having the technical knowledge of shooting and post-processing. How your clients feel and thus look in front of the camera is just as important, and it’s our job to make them feel relaxed and comfortable enough to pose in ways that produce natural looking images. Nobody wants to see awkward or stiff poses and expressions in the final gallery!

For that reason, Sydney, Australia, based fashion photographer Julia Trotti has created a brief video guide on how you can engage with your clients and what prompts you can give them to create images that both you and your client will feel proud of. A lot of it is down to your observational skills, good communication between yourself and your client, and of course — plenty of movement! 

Are you itching to get back out shooting with clients? Have you already started booking clients for post-lockdown?

Lead image used with the permission of Julia Trotti

Video of HOW TO POSE Clients for Portrait Photoshoots


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