Inspiring Video on Fighting for Your Passion

Inspiring Video on Fighting for Your Passion

Devin Graham creates Youtube videos for a living. Not just any Youtube videos, but breathtaking videos that not only leave you in awe-inspiring wonder, but are obviously made with tediously hard work, amazing creativity and most importantly… passion. Devin takes you behind the scenes in this motivating video about exactly what he does for a living.  


Photo by: Scott Jarvie

Known for projects like his awesome live-action promo version of Far Cry 3 and the now famous ‘Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off of a Cliff’ video. Devin is eccentric and so very plainly full of life. It’s refreshing to see a professional who truly loves his work, but shows just how hard and how far he is willing to go to make his profession spectacular. We tip our hat to you, Devin.

You can find Devin on his Youtube Channel, his Facebook page or Twitter.

Video of Fighting for your passion – Inside Look at what I do for a living

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