Is a 70-135mm f/2L Zoom Lens on the Way From Canon?

Is a 70-135mm f/2L Zoom Lens on the Way From Canon?

Canon’s RF 28-70mm f/2L lens has been lauded for its great image quality and for pushing the boundaries of optical design. It seems the company may not be done with such lenses, as rumors of an RF 70-135mm f/2L have emerged. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that a RF 70-135mm f/2L lens is currently in testing, with an announcement date sometime near the end of the year. Rumors of an RF 16-28mm f/2L lens have been floating around for about a year, and it would certainly be mightily impressive if Canon could complete a holy trinity of f/2 lenses. Of course, it would not have the same range as a traditional f/2.8 holy trinity of zooms (16-200mm), but if you have ever seen the size of a 200mm f/2 prime lens, you’ll know right away that any sort of zoom lens trying to get to 200mm while maintaining an f/2 aperture would be prohibitively bulky and expensive. Even with the reduced range, the idea of a 16-135mm f/2 holy trinity is certainly quite exciting and could rewire the way a lot of photographers think about their choice between prime and zoom lenses. The EF 135mm f/2L is one of the most beloved in Canon’s history, but at 24 years old, it is certainly ready for a refresh.

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