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Is AI the Future of Editing Images?


Is AI the Future of Editing Images?

In the past few years, we have seen a real influx of legitimately useful AI-powered image-editing tools and programs, and their presence has brought about a bit of controversy regarding their usage and future place in the industry. Will the future of post-processing be powered by AI?

Coming to you from Blake Rudis with f64 Academy, this thought-provoking video discusses the future of AI-powered photography editing. Programs like Luminar 4 and PortraitPro have brought features like AI-powered sky replacement and skin retouching in the past few years, and having used both of them, I have to admit that I have been really impressed, and both applications have been integrated into my workflow. Regarding the future of post-processing, I think there will always be room for a personal creative touch, as that is why the majority of us are in photography. Where I think AI will see a larger role is in the sort of repetitive tedium that really isn’t fulfilling but that still needs to be done: things like retouching large batches of corporate portraits or basic global edits on a huge collection of wedding photos. For example, just to test, I ran a batch of about 50 portraits through PortraitPro, and the results were highly impressive. 

What do you think the future is? Check out the video above for more.

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