Is the Sony a7R III Still Worth It in 2020?

Is the Sony a7R III Still Worth It in 2020?


Is the Sony a7R III Still Worth It in 2020?

When Sony released the full-frame mirrorless a7R III in 2017, it was to generally positive reviews. Three years later, a newer version has been released, but the question is if this camera still holds up?

Spoiler, yes, the Sony a7R III surely holds its ground in 2020. It is important to remember that a good camera does not get worse over time. On the contrary, it takes the exact same photos, as it has always done, but with new firmware updates and newer and better lenses, you can get better results down the road from when you bought it. This is also the case for the Sony a7R III.

In my latest video, I share my thoughts and experiences with the Sony a7R III, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is important to emphasize this is my second a7R III body, as I did push the first a bit too far on a very wet and moist night on a seascape location in Iceland. The screen of the camera died and was deemed a total loss by my insurance company. It was probably due to a bit of saltwater. I do have a few other beefs with the camera, but besides that little hiccup, the camera really stands its ground.

The 42.2 MP sensor produces outstanding and sharp photos as long as you use an acceptably sharp lens. And speaking of lenses, there are a lot to choose from. Back in 2017, Sony had yet to release many of its best lenses, and third party companies had only just started to release lenses for the Sony E system. In 2020, there seem to be lenses for almost every job you throw at the a7R III.

Check out the video above for even more thoughts and experiences, and let me hear your thoughts on this camera down in the comments.

Video of Sony a7R III – Still Worth Buying for Landscape Photography?


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