Living and Traveling in a Vehicle as a Full-Time Landscape Photographer

Living and Traveling in a Vehicle as a Full-Time Landscape Photographer

Have you ever wondered how people start full time in photography and even take it one step further by working and living as a full-time landscape photographer? Dave Morrow is one of those people and he spends his days in the middle of nowhere to capture the best images.

In this video, Morrow shares the tricks about his lifestyle, how he survives in outback and how he works as a photographer in the nature full time.

There are lots of photographers out there who lives in their RVs while using it as a mobile office space, and quite frankly, the options are all related to budget and income. It may sound expensive for those who wants to travel full time, however Morrow’s lifestyle and methods seem budget-friendly and he shares everything about it in detail.

For this kind of photo trip, you don’t need to quit your daily job, but it is a great way of spending a couple of weeks away from urban life and discovering wilderness. All you need is a good plan to avoid problems in the nature, and luckily, Morrow shares his techniques about how he packs and what he uses in his setup.

Would you dare to start an adventure like this? Or have you ever had a trip like this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Video of How I LIVE in MY VEHICLE & TRAVEL FULL TIME | The Landscape Photography Journals E9

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