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Medical Advice for International Travel Photography


Medical Advice for International Travel Photography

When traveling to exotic or remote locations, it’s important to be prepared with both the necessary medications as well as the proper paperwork and insurance that an area requires. 

I have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of amazing countries and explore some pretty remote areas that many people only get to see in images. A lot of times, these areas have very specific health considerations that either require being prepared with the right medications or having proof of the proper shots and vaccines. Traveling to these locations also requires special medical insurance and being prepared for possible contagions that you could pick up along the way. 

The crew over at 1iOpen Productions, who make a living putting themselves in extreme and remote environments, have put together some very good advice on how to be prepared when traveling internationally, especially if you are going to be in less populated and rural areas. 

I can’t emphasize how important this advice is if being a travel or adventure photographer is something you are interested in. On my last trip to Africa, I got so sick that I continued to be sick for weeks after returning. Had I not planned ahead and brought the proper antibiotics just in case, it would have ruined the entire assignment and caused me to return weeks before I had planned. Having the right meds and taking them quickly allowed me to get well enough to stay and continue shooting, not to mention the potential costs and uncertainty of finding local medical services. 

Do you have any medical tips that have saved or prevented you from getting sick or injured while on assignment?

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