You are currently viewing New Video Shares the Making of the Film “Watermark”

New Video Shares the Making of the Film “Watermark”


New Video Shares the Making of the Film “Watermark”

Edward Burtynsky, director and photographer, and Jennifer Baichwal recently shared a video giving us a look behind-the-scenes of the making of the film “Watermark” (now playing). In it they talk creative vision as well as the technical challenges of this project. The photographer and filmmakers made use of Hasselblad high-definition digital medium format equipment, prototype RED Epic 5K cameras and UAV drones to get unprecedented looks at water, its usage, and its change around the world.

The images below are those of Edward Burtynsky, used with permission.


Screening dates for the film are available here.

[Via The Creators Project]

All images by Edward Burtynsky, used with permission.

Video of An Immersive Look At Water | The Making Of Watermark


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