Photographer Captures Images of Tribes Across the Globe

Photographer Captures Images of Tribes Across the Globe

British photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled to 35 communities across the world in the first part of his project to document portraits of tribal and indigenous peoples. Today, in the second part of his project, Nelson is continuing to travel and document lives and cultures that are often unseen.

As a child, Nelson lived in Africa, Asia, and South America before going to a boarding school at the age of eight. Once he left school in 1985, he took off on a year-long journey across Tibet with his camera that would inspire the start of his photojournalism career. When he returned from this trip, he soon started working as a professional photojournalist.

After 25 years working as a photographer, he started working on the photo series, “Before They Pass Away,” in order to create awareness about our world’s indigenous cultures through photography. Since then, his images have been published into an incredible 304-page global bestseller book, have been shown in galleries across the world, and were shared in the wonderful TED Talk attached above.

To check out more of Jimmy Nelson’s work, you can see his website, Facebook, and Instagram. His exhibition is currently being shown in Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Austria.

Video of Jimmy Nelson: Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people

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