You are currently viewing PolarPro Releases Their QuickDraw Collection – A Tool Lineup For Those Who Need To Pack Light Without Sacrificing Performance

PolarPro Releases Their QuickDraw Collection – A Tool Lineup For Those Who Need To Pack Light Without Sacrificing Performance


PolarPro Releases Their QuickDraw Collection – A Tool Lineup For Those Who Need To Pack Light Without Sacrificing Performance

For years, PolarPro has been known for its premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for cameras and drones. In fact, they appear as the choice of preference at GoPro´s official website due to the high quality and durability of their glass.  

Also, it’s known that the company has been assertive in taking the feedback given by industry-leading photographers and videographers to improve their product lines. These collaborations are a complement of their own exploration of research and development. PolarPro differs from other options on the market due to the high durability of each product in its lineup, created with top-notch quality.


The newly added QuickDraw collection is an ultra-versatile system designed for outdoor adventure photographers and storytellers looking for a compact, yet robust camera mounting ecosystem.

“When we set out to design the new ecosystem of products, we wanted a mechanism that allowed photo and video hooters the ability to go from secure to capturing in a moment’s notice. Whether your next travel adventure is seeking gorgeous landscapes or venturing through the city, the QuickDraw collection is a tool for those who need to pack light without sacrificing performance,” said Founder Jeff Overall.

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 10

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What is the Quickdraw Collection?

PolarPro´s new ecosystem comprises three elements: Apex Travel Tripod, Traverse Strap Mount, and Belay Camera Strap

The cornerstone of the kit is the QuickDraw mechanism crafted for swift, single-handed operation, which enables you to quickly disconnect the camera by rotating counterclockwise and re-install by snapping it back in place. All three of the new products are compatible with this system. 

Thanks to its unique cross-compatible design, the Quick Release symmetrical plate can be used across the QuickDraw Collection as well as any other Arca-style mounts.

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Apex Travel Tripod

Tiny but mighty. Apex is a robustly constructed travel tripod that provides pro-level stability and an 11kg load capacity. Completely lock your camera’s position into place on any terrain by adjusting the laser-etched TiltLocks which offer a vast amount of different orientations. Use your favorite ball head or add the Apex ball head for an ultra-lightweight setup. The compact size will take less space into your backpack than your favorite canteen. 

  • Stainless Steel TiltLocks with laser-etched markings provide 144 leg configurations.
  • 11kg load capacity for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.
  • Dimensions – 280mm x 80mm and the weight is 500g

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 5

Traverse Strap Mount

A QuickDraw harness crafted for swift single-handed operation so you can move from securely stored to creating with your camera in one quick rotational release. Comfortably carry your camera on your backpack, belt, or any preferred strap with the meticulously designed Traverse Camera Harnes. A secondary locking mechanism ensures your gear is completely fastened throughout your adventure. This system confidently supports up to 46.36kg, (102.21lbs) ensuring it can handle the heaviest of a professional camera and lens combinations. It is also to accommodate the plate in backpacks plates up to 68mm thick.   


PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 4

Belay Camera Strap

Comfortably ensure your camera is always by your side without limiting your movement. The engineered attachment point on the bottom of the camera offers a lower carrying profile than conventional straps as you adventure through rough terrain. Constructed out of aluminum and industrial nylon this camera strap and mount securely support the heaviest gear. 

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 7

Who is this bundle for?

The QuickDraw Collection is aimed at adventure and outdoor photographers in the need for a compact and rugged system. From entry-level users looking for a solution to help keep their camera secure while adventuring, to more acknowledged content creators who are in need of a solution to go between the different camera and lens combinations while on their treks. 

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 1

What´s the benefit of introducing a new system? 

“The QuickDraw mechanism is different than most because of its build quality and weight capacities. When you get it in your hands, you can immediately tell that it is going to stand up to whatever you throw at it. The locking mechanisms give you the confidence that the camera is fully secured. Once again, its inter-compatibility with Arca-Swiss mounts is a big factor. Not only do they feel secure in the proprietary mounts, they feel equally as secure in the others,” said photographer Brian Akerson. 

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 8

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Final Thoughts 

Outdoor photographer, Brian Akerson tested the new bundle on the field and according to his experience;

“using the Traverse and Belay in the field felt freeing. When in the field, I generally carry two bodies with completely different focal lengths. Having my Nikon D850 on the Belay with my Nikon Z 7 attached to the Traverse, I could quickly switch them between the two or either to the Apex tripod. The Belay with the large strap easily held the weight of my gripped Nikon D610 and Nikkor 200-500mm when I felt I needed it out of the bag and at the ready. At no point did I feel that any camera or lens was at risk because of the solid engineering and security it provided.”

PolarPro QuickDraw Collection 6

Given PolarPro’s past performance and quality with every other product we’ve tested at SLR Lounge, we can safely assume this product line up will continue with the same perfection. Granted it is quite new so it’ll be interesting to see how the durability lasts of an extended amount of wear and tear. Until then, let us know in the comments below if you plan on testing out the QuickDraw lineup and what your thoughts are on the products as well.

For more information about the QuickDraw bundle, click here.

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