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Regain Creative Motivation with ‘Too Far Gone’


Regain Creative Motivation with ‘Too Far Gone’

Sometimes as creatives, we lose sight of what originally attracted us to the creative process of photography and videography in the first place. We get lost in the noise while we are busy juggling social media, websites, managing shoots, pitching to clients, and constantly reinventing our work. Every now and then we need an image or a video to really put in perspective why we feel the way we do when we raise our cameras to our eye. The wonderfully directed short film “Too Far Gone” does just that. Los Angeles, California based photographer and cinematographer Mitchell Mullins has put together his best short film to date in “Too Far Gone.” Where he uses beautiful landscapes and a powerful speech to really inspire the viewer. It really puts into perspective the sacrifices that we make daily as creators when we give up our own experience of a moment to capture it. We should teach ourselves to put down the camera and enjoy the great moments in life first hand and not through a lens. It’s only in these moments that we learn the motive behind our work and why we decided to pursue this passion.

Videos and images like this are what continues to drive me, what do you guys use to motivate yourself when you lose motivation?

Video of "Too Far Gone" – A Testament To Creatives


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