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Seven Tips to Help You Make Great Cinematic Travel Videos


Seven Tips to Help You Make Great Cinematic Travel Videos

Capturing travel adventures is important to most people, but even more so to us photographers and videographers. Here are seven tips to make sure you come back with the best footage possible.

Matti Haapoja¬†is a relatively new sensation to the YouTube videographer roster, but a sensation he is. I’ve swiftly become a real fan of his work and he has a great eye for creating pleasing footage. Haapoja is big on travel and so any advice is worth hearing. One that particularly resonated with me is “do you research”. I’ve heard this before, but it really can’t be overstated.

There are so many things out of your control on trips, and many of them will make your life hard when you least expect it. That said, there are measures you can put in place to still drain every last drop of potential out of your location. Firstly, I research great locations to shoot. Although I’m certainly one for going off the beaten track, it’s still important to have some anchors which are tried and tested. Secondly, I use The Photographer’s Ephemeris to work out not only the times of sunrise and sunset, but also the direction of the light. Thirdly I do my best to work out the timings of travel between locations, and one that’s often forgotten: how long it takes to get to the location from where you’ve parked. I’m not ashamed to admit that more than once I’ve parked up and realized it’s going to take at least an hour to get to my desired vantage point!

What tips do you have for photographers and videographers traveling?



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