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Sign Up For The Fstoppers Photo Workshop Before Feb 1 and Save


Sign Up For The Fstoppers Photo Workshop Before Feb 1 and Save

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop is taking place at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas from May 28th – June 1st. If you’re planning on coming you should buy your tickets now to save the most money.

Do not wait until the last minute
I know as photographers we all like to wait until the last minute. You may be thinking that you’ll buy your workshop tickets a month before the event. Due to a few circumstances, that may not be possible.

Hotel rooms are currently at the cheapest possible price
We signed a contract with Atlantis Resort for a certain number of room nights. With this contract they have given us the lowest possible room rate of just $160/night (which could be split if you share a room). At the moment we don’t have enough rooms to hold every workshop attendee. Once our rooms sell out we will sign a second contract for another group of rooms but the price may be higher or even worse, the whole resort could be sold out. By booking your hotel now you are guaranteed a room and the cheapest rate.

Flights are currently extremely cheap
Flights to Nassau from the US are never very expensive but the prices right now are extremely low. I did a quick search for prices from major airports around the US.
Flights from NYC – $399
Flights from Atlanta – $340
Flights from Miami – $272
Flights from Los Angeles – $450
Flights from Seattle – $483
Flights from Chicago – $407

You could get all of your classes for free
To inspire you guys to not wait until the last minute, on February 1 we are going to draw one random name from a list of those who have already signed up for the workshop and refund everything they have spent on their courses. If only 100 people sign up by Feb 1, you will have a 1/100 chance of winning all of your courses for free. Obviously the more courses you have signed up for, the more you could potentially win.

You only have to pay 20% today to reserve your spot
Being that this workshop is still 5 months away, you may not have the full amount of money to put down for this event. If you would still like to reserve classes we have come up with a 20% deposit policy. To take advantage of this policy you can email Lauren directly at or give her a call directly during normal business hours at (704) 689-0548. Those of you who do this will still be in the running to be refunded for all of our classes.

Win an all expenses paid trip
As many of you know, we are currently giving away an all expense paid trip to this event. If you are planning on coming anyway, go ahead and pay for your tickets and if you win you will be refunded whatever you have paid so far.

This workshop is shaping up to be something really exciting and with just 150-200 total spots available you are sure to have tons of hands on, 1 on 1 experience with some of the top photographers in the industry today. Head over to to learn everything about this event and watch the video below.


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