You are currently viewing Singapore Airlines Mixes a Travel Video With Its Safety Video, and It’s Beautiful

Singapore Airlines Mixes a Travel Video With Its Safety Video, and It’s Beautiful


Singapore Airlines Mixes a Travel Video With Its Safety Video, and It’s Beautiful

Singapore Airlines’ latest safety video mixes the regular safety video you’ll see just before take-off with the dream of exploring Singapore. It’s beautifully executed and shows how they’ll push barriers to give you the travel experience you desire. Why is this important? Because it shows that the travel industry is really getting creative with their approach, and they are pushing the boundaries of just what’s needed to evoke that curiosity and excitement of travel.

I think this video shows how we as creative image makers, whether it’s stills or video, need to pay attention to new areas where projects with a broader scope can appear. It’s not about finding a job or being commissioned. It’s about creating the job you want to do. Let’s explore potential projects you can start if you’re just starting out.

Conceptualize and Execute

There are many ideas about how you can mix concepts. It’s taking the photography you want to do, and actually getting started and shooting it. Your work is your showcase. The safety video that Singapore made is an example of what can be done in the travel video and photography industry. What other industries can you target? 

Food Photography

If you live in an area that has Uber Eats or any food delivery service delivering in your area and you find any restaurants on the app without photos of the menu item, contact them and arrange to shoot some for them. The first couple could be for free, and after that, you can license the images or sell them online to that restaurant.

Corporate and Commercial Videos

If you aim to shoot for corporate or commercial clients, create a how-to video explaining something. Maybe even make a video of how you work. This will show them how well you are able to explain an idea or process. 

If you shoot corporate portraits, how about a video where you are shooting yourself and where you explain what you would like to show in this portrait? 

Product Videos

Take a product you use often or something of which you love the design and make a video about it. All it takes is a light, a black or white background, and a macro lens. These are videos I’ve made recently for my portfolio:


It’s not about the ideas. It’s about actually executing them. The ones who actually make the calls and set up the meetings are the ones who will get the projects and build a network by doing so. So let’s go!

Video of New In-flight Safety Video | Singapore Airlines


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