Sixty-Second Portraits on the Streets of Las Vegas

Sixty-Second Portraits on the Streets of Las Vegas


Sixty-Second Portraits on the Streets of Las Vegas

Last week wrapped up another successful year for WPPI and a great learning experience for so many photographers. One of the things that people often don’t take advantage of at these large conferences is the chance to work alongside other photographers, challenging themselves to shoot outside their comfort zone. These photographers did just that and filmed it for our benefit. 


As a lot of the photographers in attendance, I got out and shot some of my own work trying to get the most out of my time in Nevada. While I stuck mostly to Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave Desert, the Vegas strip was packed with photographers out shooting street life, fashion, and portraits.

Photographers Robert Hall, Derrel Ho-Shing, and Francisco Joel Hernandez set out to test their portrait skills while under a time constraint of 60 seconds and using only volunteers found along the strip. For many photographers, either of these circumstances would be stressful, making this the perfect challenge to break out of your comfort zone. While the Vegas strip is the perfect setting for this type of challenge with busy streets filled with interesting characters and diverse backdrops, each photographer took turns sticking to the strict time limit trying to locate a model, find a backdrop, position the model, and get the best shot they could. After returning from Vegas, each one edited his own version of the challenge, and each shared his individual insights. This gives three unique perspectives packed full of little tips and tricks that might help others improve their own work. 

For the full effect, check out each photographer’s own video to see how they feel each photographer did or where they could have improved.

Video of 60 Second Portraits in Sin City | Off Camera Flash Photography Challenge


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