Smartphone App ‘Fripito’ Aims to be a Location Guide for Travel Photographers

Smartphone App ‘Fripito’ Aims to be a Location Guide for Travel Photographers

Fripito is a new mobile application made for photographers, by photographers. With many travel guides catering to the casual tourist, the creators of Fripito wanted to have a resource where professional photographers could research and plan their shoots for a specific destination, while also offering information on transportation, food, lodging, and so on.

As someone who travels a lot for both work and personal reasons, the potential that this app represents could be huge. I don’t always have the time to research a place to squeeze in some landscape photography while I’m on a three-day corporate video shoot, so being able to load an app, search the city I’m in, and see examples that include the exact location and details to get there is pretty awesome.

Featured photos on the site include camera settings, which especially for telephoto images, can be helpful when it comes to planning what kind of gear you’ll want to take. Not that you would want to capture the exact same photo, but knowing what a cool location or landscape feature looks like from one angle at a certain distance could easily inspire a different image and make it easier to figure out from the comforts of a plane or hotel. Besides camera settings, information on interesting spots, light conditions, where to find food, and places to stay will be a part of the guides.

The app itself is free, but most of the destinations included will cost money to access. For example, there was an Arizona guide with about 50 images, and the cost of that guide was $3.99. I saw others that were more, but offered more material to reference. If you’d rather access multiple areas, there is a subscription fee that can be paid, at $9.99 per month or $23.99 for three months. If you travel enough, this might be worth it. If you download the app, there are a few small guides that are free to access, which should give you a taste of what the larger, more comprehensive ones are like.

I’ve spoken with other traveling filmmakers and photographers, and using sites like Flickr and Google Maps to digitally scout an area can be helpful, but both methods have their drawbacks. I think this app could fill a void by providing a single place to get that kind of useful information. The thing is though, they’ll need a lot more contributors to offer more areas. Will it get to that level? Hard to say, but it’s a pretty cool concept either way.

Speaking of more content, they are actively looking for more contributors. From what it says on their website, approved contributors will receive proceeds from the sale of their guide.

Fripito is available now for Android and iOS.

Video of Fripito travel guides for photographers

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