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Snowy Street Photography: Quarantine Relief


Snowy Street Photography: Quarantine Relief

Isolation can be catching up to many of us during this time. While some artists are in colder climates, others are in humid areas, but both are experiencing cabin fever. Photography Benjamin Lee takes us on a little photography journey to make us feel as if we are on the outside doing what we do best: photographing life. 

Street photography can be therapeutic in ways that help us connect with life around us. On the snowy streets of Japan, Lee takes us to alleys and streets capturing the heart of what the world is going through. This is a raw depiction of somewhat abandoned streets with the occasional passerby donning masks and going about their normal routines in this new way of life. 

The video contains a few tips on street photography. However, the majority of this video is more about the feeling following the team, set to music that makes you feel you are present and outside in his world. Using frozen hands and a few minor Photoshop edits to remove distractions, the team was able to give us a little distraction from isolation. While we are working hard to maintain our small businesses and way of life, sometimes, looking at beautiful imagery is a way to relax, even for just a moment. 

Video of Snow POV Street Photography – Japan trip vlog EP03


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