You are currently viewing Sony Kando: A Free Virtual Event That You Won’t Want to Miss

Sony Kando: A Free Virtual Event That You Won’t Want to Miss


Sony Kando: A Free Virtual Event That You Won’t Want to Miss

Sony Kando is an event that mixes experience, community, and education in order to create a world-class event like no other. But due to COVID, they are taking it virtual and giving it to you for free. And you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

For the past Kando 3.0, I wrote about why I was excited to go as well as why the event turned out to be so much better than I thought. And given the track record for the Kandos before it, this upcoming event will be sure to impress. The best part though is that you can now attend the event for free from the comfort of your own home. So, while you may miss out on the fun locations and shoots, Sony still plans to make this an interactive, fun, educational, and community-building experience. So, mark August 15 and 16 on your calendars, because you don’t want to miss this.  

Virtual But Real

As mentioned, this event is going to be virtual and free. But, Sony doesn’t want to lose one of the main ingredients that made past events so great. So, they are assuring us that this won’t just be a series of zoom chats and non-interactive presentations. Sony Kando will have a set of virtual stages set up where people can watch and interact with presenters. There will also be virtual locations for expo booths and even an area for Sony Imaging PRO Support where you can ask questions and get help. And most importantly, there will be a way for participants to interact with instructors at the event along with other participants. So, Sony is trying to keep the community aspect present and thriving even given the current circumstances.

What You Need, Taught By The Best

As you’d expect, the lineup of speakers and educators will be significant. Creators such as Kesha Lambert, Brooke Shaden, Rachel Jones Ross, and Chritina Mittermeier to name a few. The great part is that this won’t be a simple presentation to a camera with you all watching from home. Instead, there will be opportunities to interact with speakers and ask them questions. 

The topics for these courses are also promised to be topics you can’t normally get for free. Things like learning to Make The Perfect Pitch from Chris Burkard so you get paid to bring your dreams to life. Or Capturing Magic Hour from celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith. So, not only are you learning from some of the best educators in the industry, but you are also learning some of the most valuable assets they have in their toolkits.

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Fun From Home

While Sony is keeping this part a little under wraps, we know there will be ways for everyone to interact with instructors as well as with other participants. There will also be activities and giveaways. One of the advertised items that will be given to a lucky person is the new a7S III with lens package. But if my experience at Kando 3.0 has taught me anything, there will be a ton more items given away, and they won’t be cheap lens cloths and stickers. At Kando 3.0, I saw them give out lenses, cameras, bags, airplane rides, and so much more. 

header giveaway a7iii v2

How to Join

It’s simple. Register for free through the Kando Everywhere event page. Then, just keep an eye on your email for details. If you want to take part in some of the portfolio reviews and critiques, Sony mentions that you can save some time by setting up an Alpha Universe Creator Profile and loading up your gallery with images. 


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