Street Photography While Cities are Nearly Empty Due to the Coronavirus

One of the bizarrest effects of the coronavirus outbreak is the haunting absence of people in ordinarily busy public places. One Australian photographer set out for some street photographer during this time.

Melbourne based YouTuber and photographer, North Borders, sets out into the city to get some street portraiture as Australia begins to brace itself for counter measures to the virus. Generally, going out to do street photography during the Corvid-19 outbreak is not wise, but Austalia is a touch behind the virality curve, though they are now banning non-essential gatherings of over 100 people. Before the major cities join the like of some countries on other continents and impose a lockdown, North Borders set out to capture some portraits and street shots.

As this video shows in part, and as photojournalists are proactively capturing, the streets in usually busy cities are desolate and it’s eerie and dystopian. It does, however, offer some unique image opportunities. Do not put yourself or anyone else at risk if you want to do the same; check what local authorities and your government are advising.

Video of Street Photographing During COVID-19 Outbreak

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