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Ten Tips for Shooting a Travel Video


Ten Tips for Shooting a Travel Video

Shooting travel videos may seem easy, however, achieving good footage on the move requires combination of proper planning, technique, and a good story.

Whether you’re planning to shoot travel photos or videos on your next trip, there will always be some obstacles that will ruin your images. Especially, when visiting popular tourist attractions, your images will be photobombed by tourists most likely. But, tourists are not the only problem you might face. You may just need to pay a bit more attention to details, technique, and your schedule to overcome any possible problems.

Parker Walbeck is a full-time filmmaker and on this 17-minute video, he shares his top 10 tips on travel videography. He underlines the significance of scheduling the shoot day, and how he manages his time to get more from daylight. This leads to other topics such as content, composition, subject, and how to use them effectively in a travel video. The video continues with other helpful tricks including gear, lens choice, camera settings, and post-processing, and Walbeck explains these tips with samples on this video.

Do you have any tips for shooting travel photos and videos? Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Video of How to Shoot a Travel Video | Top 10 Tips


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