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The Travel Photographer’s Gear Guide


The Travel Photographer’s Gear Guide

Do you have plans to travel but are unsure what gear to take with you? This experienced travel photographer shares his list of gear that he brings on every trip.

In this recent video from CreativeLive, John Greengo shares wisdom from his experience traveling as a photographer. He does a great job of keeping his pack as light as possible, while still covering the essentials for any situation. Starting with the backpack, he discusses what size of pack you need and why. He then covers his camera gear, which includes two cameras, four lenses, and a tripod. Lastly, he talks about some of the other items you might consider for travel such as a quality water bottle, gaffer tape, and emergency supplies.

One thing I appreciated about this video was that Greengo gives specific scenarios of why you need each item on hand. For example, he keeps a smaller pouch with a backup camera and lens with him because in his experience several museums won’t allow his larger pack. He also had quality examples of the situations where he would need each lens he chose. This is a great video to watch for anyone who is preparing for an upcoming trip.

John Greengo’s Essential Gear for Travel

Video of What's In My Camera Bag: Travel Photography Gear Guide (2018)| CreativeLive


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