You are currently viewing These Filmmakers Create The Ultimate Bachelor Party: Rambo Day.

These Filmmakers Create The Ultimate Bachelor Party: Rambo Day.


These Filmmakers Create The Ultimate Bachelor Party: Rambo Day.

What happens when you take a group of best friends who are all talented photographers and cinematographers and give them a near unlimited budget? The greatest bachelor party of all time. A group of friends decided that they needed to give their best friend a truly epic send off before his wedding.  

Through an insanely elaborate series of planning, the friends totally recreated all of the Rambo movies for the groom… with him as the star. The logistics of this project are stunning and you have to see it to believe it. I think they have upped the standard for all bachelor parties everywhere and shown us all what you can do when they use all of their creativity.

This bachelor party has every possible element I can think of for the ultimate bachelor party; bandanas, motorbikes, fake machine guns, fireworks, cross dressing, bows and arrows, large scale explosions, fake police cars, racquetball rocket launchers, and of course, lots and lots of beers and whiskey. Oh… and an impromptu trip to Columbia. Naturally.

The day starts out at the begin scene of Rambo: First Blood, when John J Rambo is picked up by the sheriff. His friends literally kidnap him off of the streets. They hose him down… with fake tan… you know? So he looks more “Rambo” and then they send him on his way on a motorbike and recreate the infamous chase scene. Every possible detail has been planned out to perfection – they even had his phone giving him GPS directions to his drop off point so that he could play the role of Rambo in style.  

It’s not all smooth sailing, though.

They have to stop off at the side of the road and ask a local for a fire extinguisher because their fake police car sets on fire. After extinguishing the fire they are back on their way and John Rambo is onto his mission – to free the prisoners of war. 

This is a stunning lesson on what filmmakers can do if they collaborate. The footage they have managed to take whilst executing this day is impressive to say the least. The use of slow motion (especially when “Rambo” is on the motorbike) and the classic recreation of an explosion scene (with all of the group running away from a huge flame) can’t help but make you laugh. 

If you wanted to create something similar yourself, all you would need is a GoPro for the chase scene shots, and a few DSLR cameras mounted to Tripods. 

What they had to say about this whole project was simple; “Stay positive. Stay creative. And keep each other laughing.”


Video of RAMBO DAY.


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