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Thousands of Images, Four Photographers, One Trip


A couple months ago in September 2019 I headed out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to team up with a few other respected photographers. I had already shared my own perspective from this journey on Fstoppers, but I thought it might be interesting to take a look at everyone’s outputted content from the same trip side by side and see if there’s anything to learn from it.

Below are YouTube videos from Mark SmithNick Page, and myself, along with photos from Charly Savely. Savely will have a print article in Outdoor Photographer running early next year, so consider this a teaser.

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🐴 or secret 🦄?

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Sunset on the good ol Tetons.

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As it turns out, there’s no shortage of different ways to look at the same location, sometimes even the same animal, and come out with completely original pieces of work to show for it. Page’s vlog style video is shot on location with a central focus, non-surprisingly, on landscape photography. Smith does a mix of on-location recordings and voiceover, primarily choosing to share his experience with a mix of videos and stills. I took that angle to the extreme, and recorded everything after the trip with just my final images. And of course Savely will top us all by putting pen to paper and documenting her experiences in print.

Have you ever put in a few days worth of traveling with other photographers? Were you surprised at the outcome? I love that photography allows each and every individual their own voice, regardless of how many others we share our passion with.


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