You are currently viewing Traveling with Profoto: Little Shao in South Korea

Traveling with Profoto: Little Shao in South Korea


Traveling with Profoto: Little Shao in South Korea

Do you ever shy away from packing strobes when you travel? Worried that too much gear will weigh you down?Little Shao, a Paris-based photographer who specializes in dance photography, travels a lot. This new video from Profoto spotlights both the ease with which Profoto’s B10s travel, as well as the incredible versatility they provide. Despite fitting in his backpack, these lights have enough power to balance bright blue midday skies and enough subtlety to create mood lighting that blends with nighttime neon. 

Seeing me with that small backpack, nobody would guess that I was carrying a whole studio set-up

Although this is certainly an advertorial, not a tutorial, it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes footage from both Little Shao’s work in the temple and on the streets of Seoul. Permit or no permit, sometimes it’s important to be discreet. Drawing too much attention to a shoot in progress can work to disrupt the flow of the shoot, distracting the photographer and the talent. Beyond that, some locations may be happy to have you set up and shoot, as long as you don’t take away from the underlying meaning or importance of the place itself.

You’ve got to be very discreet and respectful in these places

Check out the rest of Little Shao’s dance work on his webpage to see just how useful the B10 can be.

Video of Unleashed in Seoul with Little Shao and the Profoto B10


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