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Using Your ‘Important Places’ to Find Creativity


Using Your ‘Important Places’ to Find Creativity

Gnarly Bay, the guys who brought you “Rambo Day,” are back with a compelling story aptly titled “The Important Places.” The story follows lifestyle and adventure photographer Forest Woodward who sets out to reunite with his father and a sense of youth after unearthing a poem. I will not give away more, as the story needs to be watched to be truly understood and appreciated.

The video itself includes archival footage from friends and family, still images, and newly shot video. In doing so, they give Woodward’s aging father life again, allowing you to see a tired man revert back to his early thirties. More importantly it talks of the places that we find important, that allow us to find ourselves again, no matter how old we are. A place where age is but a memory and we become who we truly are. It encourages you to find yourself by living in the moment.

Partnering with American Rivers and the Grand Canyon, the talented folks who created this video are also asking that we preserve the important places so that future generations may find and make their own important places outside of the big cities.


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