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Video Lighting Basics With Affordable Gear


Video Lighting Basics With Affordable Gear

If you’re thinking of using your new-found free time to start a YouTube channel, or if you just to put some different type content out there, having a good basic lighting setup helps you to stand out from the crowd. This video goes through the basics of video lighting with gear that doesn’t break the bank.

Here, photographer Mark Duffy fills us in on the key aspects of a one-person lighting setup that’s perfect for YouTube videos or even for some types of talking head commercial videography — there’s even a lighting tip for heads with no hair. A lot of videography content creators wax lyrical about the popular Aputure C300d, and while it is certainly a well made and versatile piece of kit, not every video creator can afford one and it would be overkill if you just intend on making YouTube videos. Duffy’s suggestion of the Godox SL-60W is more practical for those on a tight budget or just starting out. It’s not nearly as powerful as Aperture’s best portable LED, but it gets the job done, and most viewers would be none the wiser.

There are plenty more lighting and gear tips in his video, so dive right in to check them out. In the comments below, be sure to let us know if you’ve tried something similar.

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