Video Showcases Landscape Photography in Arctic Norway

Video Showcases Landscape Photography in Arctic Norway

Don’t you just love the fact that nowadays, you can watch only the good shows? UK Landscape Photographer Thomas Heaton has his own “show” on YouTube, and in the latest episode, he takes us with him on a photography journey in Arctic Tromsø, Norwegian home of spectacular landscapes. Join him on his journey to the edge of the Arctic!

It’s winter in Norway and the snow-blanketed mountains look fantastic. But this video is not all passively staring at a computer screen for 20 minutes. Heaton teaches us about how and why he uses his polarizer, which lens he puts it on, and what makes a good composition. So, it’s not only epic scenery and a good way to spend your evening, it’s also informative.

Tromsø is a true metropolitan area. Home to over 72,000 people, it’s the seventh largest city in Norway. But just an hour’s drive from the city limits, the most magnificent scenery just grips you. Majestic mountains, deep fjords, and ancient forests are at your disposal. To top it all off, Tromsø offers views of the northern lights that tickle most landscape photographers’ fancies anyway.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy Heaton’s vlog. The one caveat of watching this is that you can definitely grow jealous of Thomas Heaton’s journeys!

All images used with permission of Thomas Heaton.

Video of Landscape Travel Photography Vlog: Arctic Norway – Tromso in Winter

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